Why round up precast concrete experts and then focus on creative urban furniture projects? Because we firmly believe that the roots of our future will take hold in environments that are shaped by people. That every day, we need to generate interaction, take ownership of collective spaces and create lasting value. That from a development perspective, anything urban, must be human at heart.

In an era where generalists are everywhere, and volume often outranks quality, we choose to go against the tide. We firmly believe that to ensure our sustainability, specialization is a necessity. Every step of the process ideation development design must be approached by a passionate team, equipped with unequaled know-how.

Legrey & Co

Co-development is without doubt our modus operandi. To us, a customer is a partner. The creation of signature street furniture does not unfold according to an absolute truth. We honed our process, this recipe meant to be customized, that works wonders when all components merge. It is then that the “&CO” reaches its full potential.

Together, we brainstorm, evaluate, research, develop and rethink. Again and again. In short, we involve you fully in the process of urban furniture design and fabrication, in order to co-create precast concrete furniture modules that are as optimal and durable as can be.

Your vision x Our expertise

The ultimate connection

Legrey Code

  • #Collective

    Claiming collective spaces. Fostering interaction. Connecting spaces and people. We bring concrete to life, in various forms, in a collective aim and a perspective of sustainable aesthetics. Everywhere it emerges, our work binds public spaces. Our precast concrete modules carry a message of durability, innovation and connection.

  • #Durable

    The current approach to designing outdoor spaces is a very modern one. Not only has this sector risen to surprisingly creative levels, it also gravitates very closely around sustainability values. Our common challenge is pursuing this approach for a more modular future. And among available materials, precast concrete rules them all.

  • #Innovator

    Concrete, we have observed it, challenged it, evaluated and tested it. Again and again. We worked alongside artisans of all nationalities, visited workshops and completed trainings all over the world. After more than fifteen years of research and development, as well as trials on the field, we have become a leader in precast concrete. A significant factor in the sustainability of street furniture manufacturing.

  • #Creative

    Precast concrete is the perfect platform! Perfect to dream. A platform to collaborate. Perfect to co-create. A platform meant to be explored. Perfect for carrying out your big ideas. A platform built for achievements. Our deep knowledge of concrete allows us to reinvent its shapes and uses; to think outside the mould.

  • #Collaborative

    You possess the overall vision and the specific parameters of your project. We have the knowledge and concrete know-how. So why set limits? Open-mindedness and co-development are powerful assets. Our &CO approach changes the game completely. Together, we move beyond conventions. Together, we co-create.