the universe

Because we offer more than prefabricated concrete modules, we wish to meet with you. Shake your hand. Discuss it in detail. Take the time to immerse ourselves in your project. Once this stage is complete, we will invite you to immerse yourself into our universe. Our unique know-how. Our creative possibilities.

Taking in
the flavor

We are very much aware some projects’ budgets and schedules are tight. This is in part why we have developed prefabricated concrete modules that provide various options. Used individually or in combination. With or without tints. Share your ideas and your specific constraints. We will come back to you with options.


When we give reality a little color boost, we can fully enjoy ourselves. By developing a signature concept with you, we create custom prefab concrete furniture. Our ability to work in co-development is our greatest strength. What sets us apart. We are not your typical supplier. You are not just another customer. &CO: together, we create concrete projects.

the matter

Not yet in the process of completing a project, but ready to know more about the possibilities of precast concrete? Facing a challenge? Looking to add a little je ne sais quoi to a concept? Brainstorming with you would be our pleasure.

& Co

Listening and communication skills, adaptiveness and accessibility; these are the pillars of Legrey. The bases from which we build concrete achievements, with you. Once a connection is established, you become part of an all-encompassing, reassuring and fluid co-development process. You will experience our creative nuances, one by one, as the project takes shape. Our collaboration will prove to be exceptional, resulting in the custom urban furniture you dreamed of.

the connection

  • Preliminary meeting
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Corporate presentation
  • Creative session
  • Sample service
  • Ideation meeting
  • Coworking session
Let's connect